Help please?
The file is too big? in what way? If it is because your connection drops, try getting a download manager like FlashGet which supports download resuming, this should circumvent your issue.
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Ok let me ask this is there any way to use gameshark or armax cheats without gameshark? The only reason i got pcsx2 is so i could use cheat codes, i dont have the free time to level up characters in roleplaying games anymore.
Check the patches thread:

There are guides on how the patching system works and how to convert from GS/AR/CB/etc and there's also cheat files from other users there.
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It looks like I'm not being clear: I can't get pcsx2 to work, I can't find any cheat devices, I have a ps2 and want to use cheat codes, I don't have a modcip because last time it messed up my ps. Is there a way to use cheat codes from gameshark etc in this situation?
Yes, if you have the gameshark device, or codebreaker or whatever other.
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and btw, if you don't have a modchip, it'll be hard to play pcsx2 anyways.
You need it to launch an homebrew to extract your bios.
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