Help please! {God Of War II Controlling problem}
actually ive buyed a new GOW disk & it is woking well all graphics and all other things are exellent but just there is a problem that iam not able to control it properly im usin lillypad and im not able to access up-down & right-left button rest of all things are workin prperly Blink

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Did you configure your Lliypad. What are you trying to move with (Left Analog Stick, Right Analog Stick or D-PAD). Smile
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yes i`ve done that. Im trying to move D-PAD
The D-pad in god of war 2 is only used to switch between different magic powers. What are you trying to do that doesn't work?
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now D-PAD is working but their is another probllem.kratos start doing moving when i don`t control & in using triangle circle,square & cross it starts rolling on the grownd!!! i dont understand wat is happening
I don't really understand what you are saying. You mean the character is moving without pressing anything? Maybe your Pad is messed up...
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yes it is moving without pressing any thing no it is not messed ...
Well that's not really possible if your pad was working properly Tongue
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ohhh wat should i do nw..
i have god of war 2{pcsx2} and i am not able to chane magics....please help me.

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