Help please!!! (No Mem Cards (PS2) Inserted)
Hey! I really need help please, I don't wan't to lost my save games!! It took me so much long!!!

There the problem, I start my game it say '' No Memory Cards (PS2) Inserted ''

but when I open '' mymc '' and Mcd001.ps2

I can see ''

baslus-21678dbzt3 67k 2012-08-06 01:11 the descrpion is just a lot of scares

BESLES-54156 173k blabla
BESLES-55605NARUTO5 101K blabla

So how do fix that? It seems that The emulator don't find them anymore but its at the good folder as I know...

Help please!!

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1.Are you sure you are looking with mymc the correct card(mymc uses the last location from which a card is opened)
2.If you are,check if pcsx2 is actually using them from Config=>Memory Cards
3.Can you see the saves if you
CDVD=>No Disk
System=>Boot CDVD(Fast or Full)=>Browser=>inside the card
lol, there thunders outside, there was a power failure, I restart my computer, and Everything got back O_O but now PCSX2 is not english anymore, how to fix that?

Anyway thanks for help but one thing, How to backup my saves so If they corrupted or anything I can restore them? Thanks for the answer!
Either make a backup of the memory card or extract the saves with mymc and backup them somewhere

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