Help please! Some PCSX2 Problems I'm Having
First things first, if this isn't in the right spot could a mod please move it to the right section? Im new to these forums.

Anyways with that aside I was wondering if anyone could help me with some problems I have been experiencng with PCSX2. First off, every time I start the program it says PCSX2 needs to be configured. So when I do try to config it, it resets it every time. Ive read the configuration guide about six times and found no fix. Everything including directX is up to date. So after I finish Configuring it I hit coninue and I get this little window that saaaays: Could not load GS Plugin 'plugins': <NULL> So after that I hit okay and the configure screen comes back up again with EVRYTHING reset. I havent even been able to play any games yet because, well, it wont let me till the plugin null thing is fixed. Thanks in advance for any help!

P.S. If any of you would like sceen shots,I can get thoes to you if you wish.

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Try installing this one and make sure you run PCSX2 as admin (right click) or move the PCSX2 folder to a folder with rights, like your Documents folder.
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Thank you so much! All the problems seemed to have been fixed now~
(09-25-2009, 04:11 AM)Kimihiro Wrote: Thank you so much! All the problems seemed to have been fixed now~

i also has the same problem,i using beta r1888 after i installed n updated my directx using the linkz above,after that i open pcsx2 n its say "this application has failed to start because d3dx11_42.dll was not found,re installing the aplication may fix this i let it go n then its say my gs plugin fail<null or something like that.all the plugin were configured nicely except gs plugin so now i'm using 0.9.6 gs plugin to play in beta version.
Do a search this has been asked a million times before.
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