Help please in 9800 gt
Hi every body
i want to know if 9800 gt DDR-3 good enough to play games in pcsx2

this is my new pc:

XFX 630i/7100
core 2
duo (2.93/3m)
2 GB of RAM
power supply 300 watt (300 real)

nother thing::is my power supply can hold my pc , and can the 9800 gt ddr-3 will work good

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Didn't have to create 2 threads for this...

But anyway, the card will run most games fine. However, that power supply is definitely not enough. You'll need a good quality, brand name (Corsair, Seasonic, some Antecs, some Thermaltakes among others) 450W+ power supply. Don't go for those cheap no-name junk power supplies. They typically don't provide anywhere near the stated wattage, and can cause damage to your hardware.
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did mean that 9800 gt ddr-3 will burn or crash or damage
is anything will happen to the 9800 gt ddr-3
Amps are important for this card, more important than Watts. Look for a PSU with at least 26amps on the +12b rail, or even better, a PSU with 30+amps on 2 +12v dual rails.
The 9800GT is also good for upto 3Ghz dual core CPU, over 3Ghz and the gains are small, as I've found when going from a E5200 at 3.6Ghz, to a E7500 at 4Ghz.
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(10-19-2009, 02:32 AM)felong86 Wrote: did mean that 9800 gt ddr-3 will burn or crash or damage
is anything will happen to the 9800 gt ddr-3

Depends. One of many things could happen:
- the system becomes unstable and crashes under load.
- the graphics card goes into a lower power mode (poor performance).
- the graphics card will scream because you don't have a 6-pin power connector since your PSU is too old (the card requires more power than the PCI-E slot alone can provide, so it needs additional connectors)
- if you have a cheap $20 PSU, it could burn, explode, melt, and could kill one or more parts of you PC (mobo, graphics card, memory etc.)
- system won't turn on

Basically, get a new PSU if you want to upgrade.
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ok what about PSU
400,450, what is the minimum psu i can have ,and the best psu
to play without burn or crash or explode
if you were me, what will you get
what do u mean by this
Something like the Corsair VX-450 or HX-520 if you want modular cables (you can pull out the spare molex cables that you don't use to reduce clutter).
Any Seasonic 450W or over PSU is also fine.
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thanks man
What your computer components require will determine how powerful of a power supply you need. There is more to picking out a power supply than just finding one with the highest watts in your price range. You also have to consider the amps on the +12v rails. Note that SOME psu spec labels merge or keep the +12v rails seperate or list incorect amp ratings---all of these are mostly seen on the "cheap" power supplys and can be taken at face value on quality psu's.

I reccomend you take a look at some reviews. They are very indepth, covering the TRUE values of the specs label. Some have amp drops at high loads for instance. High load only happens when your power usage is nearing the maximum rated wattage of the psu.
Specifically, read <THIS REVIEW> as it shows you what cheap power supplies are, how they differ from the specs label, and what happens when they're pushed hard.

Now if you were dead set on getting the 9800 GT, and not going to overclock or have a bunch of other gadgets (raid, plethora of usb devices, case lights) I would reccomend an Antec Earthwatts 500w, as it does exactly what the specs label says it can AND they are very inexpensive (purchased mine for $35 shipped).

And for the record, use one +12v rail line for the video card and the other for everything else and try to avoid using power plug adpators to connect things when possible.
@ boogerthe2nd
Wait it can explode WTF i dont think so maybe melting or just burn it,but explode never see that ^^
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