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Dear forums users,
I had long awaited the time I could play my favourite PS2-era games again, and finally a couple months ago I built my first gaming rig allowing me to boot up PCSX-2 without any hassle (had been a Mac user up until then....) and relive some of my greatest memories with titles such as MGS3, Dragon Quest VIII, and of course Okami.

Unfortunately in regards to the last title, I would like you to try and help me solve some graphical issues that I can't find a way to get rid of. As you can see from the picture attached, there is a sort of "splitting" of the image which I can't say if image rendering, shadow, texture or in-game models related (I'm quite ignorant in these regards). The effect can clearly be seen on the bridge in the upper right part of the pic, and as it appears comes from the image being doubled and then tripled vertically on top of what should be correctly shown (my pic should clarify what I'm talking about).
Is this a known issue? Has anyone experienced the same, either in this or another game? And if so, is there a working fix that I could try to solve the issue?

EDIT: also, as it is shown on the rightmost part of the image (most apparent if you view the picture on a black background), I can always see a line of pixels that aren't properly matched with the rest - it's almost as if they show a different part of the area I'm in, being rendered dynamically as I move the character in world and/or the camera around.

Hopefully someone will be able to provide help, or at least an explanation of what I am here experiencing.

P.S.: ...and I also have TONS of problems running Shadow of the Colossus (to the point of being unplayable unfortunately), but I'll keep those for a later post ^_^

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This looks a lot like an upscaling issue. I guess at native you dont see that?

Please try halfpixeloffset hack or tc offset hack. Tc offset is given in per mille. So you should use numbers like 100,200,500,1000 and of similar order to see an effect.
Hi willkuer,
thanks for your answer. I guess you're right, in that at native resolution there are no such artifacts. I'll try your fix and repost here with an update ASAP.
Dear willkuer, I have tried both hacks as well as different values for the tc offset one - unfortunately I could see no difference on screen. Do they take place right away as I press OK in the config window? I think so of course, but in case I should try restarting after changing the value for the hacks, let me know.
You need to enable hw hacks n the main config as well. I would suggest to press twice f9 to switch to sw renderer and back to reset the gs.

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