[Help request] DS4 Driver Cause BSOD or not get installed
A some time ago i was using without problems DS4 with the ps4 controller connected . everything was working flawlessly 
2 months later a normal  using of DS4 . without any logic , my computer gets into random freezes, after some days of researches i  saw the created  memory dumps :  reading the .dmp files of the various crashes  
i discovered which the culprit of the system freezes was the driver file : " scpvbus.sys" a file , stored in "C:\Windows\System32\Drivers " .
i discovered which Scpvbus.sys is the driver of Ds4 application for the ps4 pad using .
After using Driver verifier,  the pc gone in a BSOD telling me with the error code (Driver_verifier_iomanager_violation) the scpvbus.sys file was damaged . After a clean and total uninstallation of the Driver (scpvbus.sys) the freezes disappeared magically. 
Now . after 100.000 attemps , among which changing the usb port of the bluetooth , uninstalling the xbox 360 drivers, updating the computer drivers , total uninstallation and reinstallation of DS4 . and many others :  

the DS4 driver don't work and i don't know what i should do for simply use my ps4 pad with my computer .
Update : now , even if i try to install the DS4 driver (scpvbus.sys) with the automated installation tool , it doesn't not install anymore .


(PS : I have windows 10) .

the problem in substance is : if i install the DS4 driver  (scpvbus.sys) the pc gets into bsods and freezes
instead if i don't install the driver , the computer works normally but i can't use the ps4 pad with it .

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Maybe i found a solution ,Alone obviously .

discovered which this problem is related with the Scpvbus.sys driver file which make BSOD happen every time in every computer which have a driver verifier enabled .

If you disable driver verifier , uninstall all the drivers of the bluetooth , uninstall the xbox 360 accessories driver , and reinstall everything changing the bluetooth usb port : for now the problem seems be disappeared.


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