Help running this emulator correctly
Hi guys

I just downloaded v0.9.8 today and I followed the guide based on my hardware when I set up all the plugins.

I can boot an image, do the system's initial setup etc, but when it comes time to run a game when the boot screen fades, there's a slight freeze and then the Playstaion 2 Logo comes up. Then it just sits there for a second before jumping down to the bottom of the screen/window and nothing happens after that, it just hangs.

So far I've tried Digital Devil Saga (with and without the EE hack), Devil Summoner and Personna 3 FES all with the same results.

I've got a 2.8Ghz i5 processor, a GeForce 460GTX and 4GB or DDR3 RAM.
I'm running Windows 7 64-bit Pro. Please help

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What are you using to make the ISOs? You should use Imgburn.

Are you using Boot (full)? Try using Boot (fast).

Maybe post some screens of your PCSX2 settings. Smile

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