Help to analyze a memory card

I played Silent Hill 2 in PCSX2 and completed the sub scenario of Maria several times. Only in my first save I achieved 2:06 hours, 0 damage and 46 items collected. I was making a map by myself and then compared it to maps made by other walkthroughs. My surprise is that every guide that I checked, and my own map guide, only count 41 items. I replayed the game from zero, no maps even mine, and every time I get again and only 41 items

Is it possible to check in the file of the memory card what files were picked up? I want to know how I could get 46 items the first time

I posted this in reddit too; but somone kindly shared some tools; but to be honest, I don't have any idea of how to use them or what to do

Thank you in advance, regards

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