Help to increase eficiency for AMD Phenom II X6?
Hi everyone!

Well, I’m new to PCSX2 and to the forum. I’m creating backups from my old PS2 games. So far, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix are working pretty fast. However, Final Fantasy X is playable but I feel it a slow (laggy some times). I checked my cpu load and it is only 20% (26 % Maximum). Is this right? (I mean, is it ok or should it be higher?)

I’ll try Chain of Memories, FFX-2 and FFXII, later.

I’m using the default config of 0.9.7 version.

My system:

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE 3.2 GHz
OS: Windows XP SP 3 32-bits.

Is there any way for my system to increase speed?
If I run it on Windows 7, would it be faster?
How about Linux???

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No to both, I have a 1055T as well, the problem is purely down to clock speed. PCSX2 only has two threads, so can only use two of the cores, therefore the number of cores doesn't really matter. The X6 CPUs do have the Turbo Core feature that lowers the clock speeds on idle cores to rase the speeds for some others. Using this should get some more speed for you. But ideally, you'll want to overclock the CPU a bit to get some more speed out. You can probably hit 4Ghz with a good cooler on a 1090T.

That said, switching to Win 7 would improve some general performance on your PC, since you're being held back by your 32-bit OS. Its not able to address all the system ram and graphics card ram as well.
What are your settings?

I can't imagine a game like FFX which is one of the games to have great speeds on the emulator not running at 100% all the time for a processor running at 3.2ghz whether it has 6 cores or just dual core like mine
Working full time to build new PC by the end of the year
Thanks both of you for your riplies!

Iviv thanks for the info about AMD. I mainly use XP as my battle OS because some of my old software work fine on it, fortunately I also have XP 64-bits and Win7 64-bit. However I have been a little reluctant to test my new Win7 since my great disillusion with Vista. I'll try it. Could you recommend me a good cooling system for cPU? I was planning to buy a ZALMAN CNPS9900 MAX-R or a Thermaltake MICRO FRIO CLP0564 (since they are the best I could get in my country)

Keun: I have the default config running (I followed the official guide).
GSdx3693 SSE2.
Blend bff
Native resolution
Log Z on
Alpha-correction On

The rest is the default config.

If you find something weird about it let me know.


Help to increase eficiency for AMD Phenom II X6?

Shouldn't have bought a freaking Hexa-core for PCSX2, man.

It all comes down to clockspeed here. Overclocking is your only option at the moment.
But there seems to be something wrong with your system: Final Fantasy X should work like a charm with your system, even I can play it without any speed related problems.
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Windows 7 might help, you will get access to DirectX 10 through that which is generally faster than DX9 on GSDX.

Don't fear windows 7, it's what vista should have been in the first place Smile (Note: I really despise vista, but i love windows 7)
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(01-28-2011, 08:03 AM)SamSoNight Wrote: Shouldn't have bought a freaking Hexa-core for PCSX2, man.

Jumping to conclusions much? Wink
Thank for your replies

I tested the Win7 64 bits performance and it was great. Final Fantasy X is working fine.

My PC was build mainly for protein folding and other scientific tasks, but I also use it for PC Gaming, PCSX was the last thing when I build it, however my PS2 died recently...So PCSX have been my last hope.

So far I tested KH1, KH2, KH2fmix, KH Chain and FFX. On Win7 and XP. All are working fine (50 to 60 FPS, just FFX on XP was 40-50 or less)

And yes WIN7 is gerat, specially with Crossfire!
Finally I got FFX running fast, without lag.

I just changed the file type, originally it was on mds format, so I made another back up on iso. I don't know if this has something to do, but now I have a great speed on this game.

So far I tried FFXII and it is running very fast too, without problems.

The only problem is that I have some errors in the textures and lags with FFX-2 at the intro cut-scene, however the game play is unaffected. Is this normal???

Should I post it in a new thread, since PCSX my main problem is solved???

Maybe try 64bit Windows XP.Until next realse of Windows.

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