Help using USBq emu to play Lifeline?
I am trying to use the mic that comes with the ps4 through my Dualshock4,also tried what I think is an old PS2 Socom mic but the sound output listening to it was low at it's highest and I got the same error and issues, to play Lifeline,it records sound fine through my PC. Using the NOOP setting I can't configure it at all but the game detects a USB microphone of some kind plugged in,however it doesn't respond to sounds whether I choose Singstar or Logitech USB headset or microphone. Using WASAPI with it configured for my mic I get the error MMAudioDevice;;Reinitialize () Could not initialize audio client, result = 80070005. There isn't much information about using this plugin anywhere so I couldn't find any solution.using windows 10 with an Intel I5 8400, a gtx 1060 8gb ram and tried both the latest stable build of pcsx2 or the latest dev build.

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