Help using Xbox 360 controller with Drakengard and other similar games
Edit: Solved it now.

Sorry if this is in the wrong topic

Is there any way i can use my Xbox 360 controller with Drakengard and games like it as it works with plenty of games just fine like all my dynasty warriors games, spider-man 2 and v rally 3 all worked fine with it but now i've come to try Drakengard im always met with the message "The analog controller (DUALSHOCK®2) is not detected. To continue, please insert an analog controller (DUALSHOCK®2) to controller port 1." Is there any way to trick games like this into thinking my xbox 360 controller is a ps2 controller or any other solutions that may work?

Incase it matters my specs are:
Nvidia GTX 1080
Intel i7-4790k
16gb Ram
850w psu

Also if it matters im playing using the actual game disc in a blu-ray drive and it works fine on my actual console.

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just tick the xinput entry method in lilypad config ?
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(11-12-2017, 12:02 AM)jesalvein Wrote: just tick the xinput entry method in lilypad config ?

Already ticked, didnt solve the issue im afraid. added a screenshot of my lilypad settings incase you notice anything obvious elsewhere

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Nvm i solved it, had to go to pad 1 and swap the "Add force feedback effect" from "XInput Pad 0" to "XInput Pad 1" So thanks your comment atleast lead me to the kind of thing im looking for, im new to all this stuff so goes over my head.

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