Help? what do i do with these files?
My copy of kingdom hearts has ended up in the phillipines with my friend who is getting married
i have gotten kingdom hearts files, and here is my problem

i have unzipped like 20-something rar files and got another rar file called "Kingdom hearts" i unzipped that (was i supposed to?) and now I have a folder with:

(a link to it to avoid un-wanted image loading)

I have no idea what to do with these files! do i have to use a special program to compress them? do i burn them all to a dvd? are they useless? Was i not supposed to unzip the Kingdom Hearts Rar? please help Sad

I hope i havent broken any of the rules, and im sorry if i have wasted your time/this question has already been asked.

*edit* i can see how this may be view as rulebreaking, although i have tried to follow the rules while still asking for help on my problem
if anyone has an issue with my post, please feel free to close it, edit it, or whatever you would like to do with it, and I am sorry if I have broken any of the rules.

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Yeah it's pretty obvious that you downloaded the game...that could also be the reason of your troubles. Just get your disc back and use it to play the game.
Have to close this now.
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