Help with Ar Tonelico 1 EXP cheat
The code itself, pulled from the pnach megathread:
comment=After Battle Extra 100 EXP (Adds Ontop what each Character gets)
patch=1,EE,200a0050,word,26100064 // change value here: 0064, 03e8, 2710, FFFF

No matter what I do I just can't get it to work. There's a possibility that the cheat just doesn't function properly, but seeing how it's structured a bit differently than the others I might just be doing something wrong. Am I supposed to do something specific with "// change value here: 0064, 03e8, 2710, FFFF"? Have tried removing the // and editing the FFFF value, removing the space between FFFF and "2710," as well with no results. The other ones listed in that pnach work fine from what I've tested.

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Here is what I found, hope it helps

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.pnach   4437f4b1_Ar Tonelico Melody of Elemia US.pnach (Size: 7,17 KB / Downloads: 68)
This also has a way to change XP of characters:

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