Help with Ar Tonelico 2
The game runs fine at 100% except for parts such as when the character graphics show up on the screen or when I'm saving. Then, the game slows down to around 65-75%.

Computer Info:
AMD Phenom 9150e Quad-Core (1.80 GHz)
NVIDIA GeForce 9300GE (256 MB)

In case I didn't explain what I meant by "character graphics" very well:
Other than when the character image pops up, it runs at 100%.

Using svn708 with x3 cycle rates (I think it does the same with x2) and all speed hacks. This is my first time using this, so I don't know what else to put.

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Try to enable various speedhacks and try enabling all checkboxes in advanced options.
If nothing helps, nothing helps.
Nothing helps, I guess. Thanks for trying to help anyway.

Edit: What I mean is that I tried enabling everything in the advanced options and changing the cycle speed doesn't help.

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