Help with Asus g53j
Hello to everybody,
i'm new here and i hope your experience with this emulator will help me improve my gaming.
I tried PCSX2 on my laptot(Asus g53j) which has this components:
S.O.: Windows 7 home premium service pack 1 at 64 bit;
CPU: Intel Core i7 Q740 @ 1,73 Ghz;
RAM: 8 GB;
Video Board: nVidia GeForce GTX 460M with 1.5 GB dedicated;
Audio Board: nVidia High Definition Audio.
Untill now I tried only 3 games which are: Hauntin' Ground, Silent Hill 2 and Kingdom Hearts. Except for Hauntin' Ground, i always had the same problems, the fps during cut-scenes is dramatically reduced, risulting in lag and other things, during the gameplay is quite well even if i had some slowdown. I tried a lot of configurations, with speedhacks for example and withouth the frame limiter and also withouth the audio(just for trying) and i never solved the problem during cut-scenes and so on. This is very strange because my laptop was created as a gamestation, but i have problems almost with every game i played, for example in DMC4 during the cut-scenes audio and video weren't synchronized and also when i watch some movies with windows media player it lags. I already tried to upgrade the drivers and install the proper direct x but nothing changed. I hope you guys could help me to discover if the problem is from the S.O. which limit my performance, or from some Hardware not well configured, or if I only need a better configuration for Pcsx2(and in case if you can suggest me it would be good). Sorry for my poor English and for the very long text but I'm very tired that i cannot play old PS2 games in a "good" laptot.

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Your laptop is not that good. It is somewhat old by now. The 740QM is a Clarksfield, which was released back in 2010.

The GTX 460M is still powerful compared to today's standard. But the 740QM and its 720QM variant (1.6 Ghz) are quite bad processors, even at the time they were released. PCSX2 requires a "fast dual-core processor", not a "weak quad-core processor". Your CPU architecture is 2 generations old. Further more, it is only clocked at 1.73 Ghz, which is very low, even when compared to other CPUs at that time: the i3 330M is 2.13 Ghz, i5 450M is 2.4 Ghz.

You are not the only one who experienced low PCSX2 performance with that processor. I remember several years ago, there were some people who complained that too.
So, it's a matter of weak processor and there's no way i can get better performance with this right? That's a shame because right now my laptop costs around 1600 euros and one person who spend that price expect a very good one. Luckily i bought it from a friend so i paid it very less... However thanks for the timely answer, at least now i know i don't have to change a lot of settings and lower my graphics a lot :-)
Can someone suggest me a playable setting for the emulator to play Kingdom Hearts? It keeps locking when i fight. Does anyone had the same problem?
My only suggestion to you is to use the speedhacks, EE and MTVU, and try setting the rendering threads to 3 in the GPU pluggin. Goodluck friend
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Can you please explain me well the last part? I didn't find any setting like that
Never mind it. Extra GS rendering threads is available on software mode only. Since your graphics card is good, hardware mode is the better choice. I assume you already used it.
That's right, however i tried to change the .iso from PAL to NTSC and with the second one it works greatly, also the opening that lagged a lot with 50Hz, now was nice, but as I arrive to the second fight it locks just as before. I don't know what's wrong, maybe it's because there're a lot of enemies, could it be possible? And how could I solve this problem?

EDIT: I tried to run it with every hack possible, without the audio and also with the worst graphic i could obtain in order to bring him as fast as possible and it's always the same, it seems to be a problem in reading the .iso, could it be with the 1.0.0?
May change something if I try to run it with a cd instead of the iso?
will always be better from the iso.

That said, I suppose you used a PAL to NTSC patch (you didn't buy the
game twice, did you ? Wink ), and this may cause those kind of problems.
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