Help with CPU
Well, when I try to play any game on PCSX2, the emulator only uses up to 50~56% of my 2.66Ghz Dual Core Duo.

I tried searching around before coming here and posting, but not much luck.

It seems that all the configuration on the CPU in the emulator is right, it's like my windows just doesn't allow it to use the whole CPU, even if I put it to High Priority.

Anyone know how to fix this? Game that should be running at 60fps are only going at 45~48 fps because of this, playable, but not what it could be.

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That's normal. I use even less on mine.
Are you using task manager to see CPU usage, or are you going by CPU usage showing in PCSX2's title bar? If you're going by what the emulator shows, that's only the portion that gsdx is using to render the graphics, and not the total usage the emulator is using.Wink
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Yeah, I did, but nevermind this tread.

I started playing Xenosaga today and i got a wooping 7 fps with it using 90% of my CPU. Sad.

Looks like most games just don't go to full speed on this emulator and that is it.
With a weak CPU like you have, you'll need heavy use of the speed hacks and frame/vu skip options to get any decent fps.
well it all just depends on the cpu you have. Smile (since the cpu that you show there isn't it's real complete name)
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It's not a great CPU, but good enough.

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66 GHz is the full name.

Well, the Speed Hack helps a lot, got the 60 fps that I wanted on normal games like Ar Tonelico.
If your game is xenosaga eps.3, try with gsdx.0.1.6 or gsdx.0.1.7 you will get boost fps (under 10fps to 45-60fps in game and around 30fps in menu) in my specs AMD X2 3.1ghz and HD.3870, OS vista sp.1 . I dont know about other xenosaga.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.

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