Help with Castlevania and specifications.
As I am new to this I know some small things before.

I have version (svn) of pcsx2 emulator.
That means SVN? is something like a beta version?

I want to play Castlevania - Curse of Darkness and my notebook has these specs:

(click to enlarge)

With these specifications which would be the best configuration that could leave in my emulator to play at 100%? and what version of emulator would you recommend? or the version I have ( svn) I can play it perfectly?

If possible could leave screenshots please.

in advance thank you very much.

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DO NOT expect perfection from emulation.

That being said, your laptop should do pretty decent. Be sure to use Speedhacks (try the Preset slider):

[Image: preset.png]
...and do consider a lower resolution. Native res should perform quite fine, but a little more may be possible with this game (considering your GPU).

[Image: nativeb.png]

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