Help with Cheat Engine, Star Ocean 3, and PCSX2
Hey all,

The game and PCSX2 run perfectly on my computer, but there's several things in the Cheat Engine that I need help with. There are tgree specific game things that I can't seem to pin down with Cheat Engine and its value search system.

1. Number of battles.
2. Number of enemies killed.
3. Lock the damage I do to exact 77,777 damage.

I need to know these values so that I can get the battle trophies for them, specifically "Do 77,777 damage", "50,000 battles" and "defeat 50,000 enemies". If I do it the honest way, it would easily take a couple weeks to do. I've already beaten the game on Galaxy and Universe difficulty levels and earned ALL the battle trophies that can be earned in these 2 difficulty levels. I'm halfway through 4D (the last and hardest difficulty) to get the last battle trophies which require me to defeat the "X boss at 4D difficulty", "Defeat X boss at 4D in Y minutes", and "defeat X boss at 4D without taking damage".

After I earn these last battle trophies, the only ones left are "do 77,777 damage", several "X amount of battles" (the 5,000, the 10,000, and 50,000 battles), and "X enemies killed" (5,000, 10,000, and 50,000 enemies killed). I want to use Cheat Engine to fix the values so that I can change the counter so I can get all these battle and enemy killed battle trophies in one go.

Then I can move on to a different game to play. I can't find any codes to change into .pnach format for these 3 particular trophies.

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what is your main goal btw,if your going for "full active mode" read below:

best is to get the game saves from gamefaqs(the one w/ 95% trophy collected 285/300),use mymc to override it,start new game so that you can use full active mode other stuff e.g. 4 character color
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I'm trying for 300 / 300 trophies. Right now I'm at around 277 / 300 or thereabouts. I need to kill Luther, Gabriel, Lenneth, Ethereal Queen, Freya, and Fayt at 4D / 4D no damage / 4D in X minutes. Then I need to get the 77,777 damage trophy, then the X enemies killed and the X battles fought ones. Then I will finally have 300 / 300.

The problem with Cheat Engine is that I can't seem to find the values for enemies killed, battles fought, or damage dealt. I need to find these values so I can simply "freeze" the values at 50,000 for enemies killed + battles fought, and 77,777 damage dealt for that battle trophy.

For these, I do "first scan" with address range of 20000000 - 7FFFFFFF. I then hit "next scan" with "increased value" option every time I kill an enemy to try to find the enemy killed counter and its address. I do the same process for battles fought. The damage is different and can't seem to figure out how to determine that value because the damage is all random.
Did you find any luck with this project of yours? Were you able to successfully locate these values and/or memory addresses?
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