Help with Config. for a Game
Hi, I'm a noob with pcsx2 so please understand.

My problem is with the game "Amagami". I've downloaded and installed everything from the two sites, and , but i keep getting problems with the game. And to make sure, yes I do have bios.

1. Character picture. There is the background picture of the story but there's suppose to be a girl when the main character is talking to her which is not there.

2. blinks till death. I don't know if this is the emu problem itself but it blinks so much. I think another way saying it is... like you see this black line moving up.

3. Sound. i'm using spu2 instead of zeroSPU2 cause the zero produced no sound. even with portaudio. Is this a problem or is it just the compatibility with the game?

Why do I feel it is a problem:
I've seen people upload screen shots and 1. the girl is/ girls are there so I'm guessing this is a problem. I see the difference is that they are using a windows and I'm using a mac. And with the pictures, it didn't seem it was blinking till death so i'm guessing that's another problem.

the screen shots are here

I would like to thank in advance for helping or at least reading this.

2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB Memory
Mac OS X V. 10.6.3
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

zz ogl 0.21.204
spu2 sdl 1.9.0

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The blinking can be fixed by changing the anti aliasing and interlacing in the graphics settings, try experimenting with those.
The sound problem i know nothing of, but i have it myself.
The character picture missing is probably due to corrupt iso, try to launch it on another computer, preferrably a PC. If it does not appear then it is the ISO if it does appear then it is the graphic plugin on Mac. :-) Hope this helps
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