Help with Devil May Cry PAL cheats
Hi everyone!

First of, i'm sorry if i'm reposting. there are so many threads, i get lost. so if there is one about this topic, could you please redirect me there?

if not, here's my issue. i've looked all over the web, looked every tutorial and nothing works.

i want to use cheats in Devil May Cry PAL version, why PAL? because it's the only one that worked with PCSX2 1.1.0

i'm using omniconverter and Pcsx2 converter. these are the codes they generated and that i put in the pnatch file:

gametitle=Devil May Cry [SLES_503.58] [0x7D8F539A]

the emulator recognizes the cheats. it says cheats found! and stuff, but when i got to the game, none of them work S: am i doing something wrong? i've tried AR, AR MAX, GS codes and nothing S: the emulator recognizes them, but none work S:


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It should be extended instead of word;p especially the first code which otherwise wouldn't even work, it should look like that:
//Red Orbs

//999 Yellow Orbs
Master code is not needed/useless for emulators. Also to begin with are you sure those codes are to PAL version? While putting it in google all I get is japanese site ~ meaning they're more likely to NTSC-J version;]. ~ You'll probably have to find other ones.

Next time to add formatting after getting raw codes just use PCSX2CE. Or after using your program just replace all word/byte/short whatever with extended, since most of the advanced codes will not work without it.
Thanks man! That's enlightening Laugh

My only issue is, I can't find PAL codes S: I'm not sure if the ones in codejunkies are PAL or not S:
I just read on a site that the PAL codes don't work, is that true? TAT I'm so desperate now.
I have no clue why would pal version have specific problems with cheats;p those codes seems very simple value write, and typically game engine doesn't change soo radically between different game releases for them to differ much. On the other hand people typically write under codes that they don't work cause they did used it for different version of the game or didn't knew how to use the codes at all, and that's way more likely than one version being more problematic than other;p.

You could just use Cheat Engine and search for 2 byte value type for the number of those orbs you need, limiting search range to around maybe 20500000-20900000 or even smaller since addresses usually doesn't differ much between different game versions and you should probably find both orb addresses in no time, then just set the value high and forget about using codes for it;]. Even if you never cheated in games on your own this should be pretty easy as it's simple value search and also Cheat Engine has a built-in tutorial explaining such basics in first few steps.
hoooo ... that sounds like big words, but I'll give it a try.

Thanks for the help man! Hopefully it'll work Laugh
grabbed some xploder codes from a german site, definetely PAL, i can't verify the disasm offsets tho. i have the ntsc. this is in memory-nomansland there. not a even a label close.

but you can try
Unlimited Health
Unlock all Game Modes

Red Orbs
Yellow Orbs
Devil Trigger

Thanks Miseru and Thanks xstyla!
(07-22-2013, 12:34 AM)Cherry-Kun Wrote: OMG! CHEAT ENGINE WORKED!!! :'D

Thanks Miseru and Thanks xstyla!

One question could you post the values, I'm emulating from a phone so I don't i can use cheat engine
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