Help with Emuhaste
Hi all, I Have emuhaste 3.50 and I have r4918 and I can't for the life of me get it to work with KH2 FM. Do i have the right version of emuhaste for this revision. How do i get this to work? Sad

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Miseru99 Wrote:If you want to use codebreaker(armax and all other cheating systems) codes from original ps2 to emu, you can convert them to .pnach cheats or if you are using some memory editing program(dunno anything like "emuhaste" myself) you just convert those codes to raw using Omniconvert -you need to select your exact version of codes as "input" and "raw/unencrypted" as output, then copy oryginal codes to input box and convert to get raw codes in output box.

Then you simply open your memory editing program and add the first hexadecimal number from raw code as an adress, just a note - if that hexadecimal number starts from anything different than 2, change that first letter to 2(ie. if it's something like 002345CC change it to 202345CC). The second hexadecimal number in raw code is the value that you need to change the adress to for it to work, if your cheating program allows entering decimal values, and you prefer it like that, you can convert that second hex number from raw code using for example windows calculator or anything else with similar ability. You could also simply search the "cheats" on your own as that's pretty much same with pcsx2 as using such programs for pc games, often even easier.

Some cheats like "activation by key" will most likely crash the emu through. Master code is pretty much useless for emu and not required.

You can find lots of cheats already made for pcsx2 with lots of usefull info in the first post here
Hope this helps.

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