Help with FFX
Im trying to get ffx to run at a descent rate on my laptop but it is proving a tat bit difficult. I have no alternative graphics card to swap around, so i have to make do with optimizing my laptops software. I have tried looking around the web for months now trying to sort it out myself but am at the end of my tether here and really need some help.

Lappys working at:

Intelcore2 duocpu T7250 @ 2.00 ghz with 2 gb ram and got directx 9

Any help is greatly appreciated guys, lemme know if additional info is needed regarding laptop and emulator specs


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Use ssse3 gsdx plugin.Use native disable everithing else.Use hardware mode.Of course download official beta r3113.Enable all speedhacks.Thats the maximum you can do.
PCSX2 version? PCSX2 settings? What speed do you get currently?
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(07-08-2010, 07:38 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: PCSX2 version? PCSX2 settings? What speed do you get currently?
Well using 9.7 it crashes as soon as i boot it up, keeps returning to the ps2's home gui thing with the cd and memory cards. Im using the linuz iso plugin
try boot cdvd fast and not full
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