Help with FFX Emulation speed
Hey folks,

I'm running FFX from an iso image on my HD, on the most current version of pcsx2 (0.9.8) and all it's latest plugins. I'm having issues with reduced emulation speeds/low FPS during most of the gameplay. (The opening cinematics run at roughly 70%, or 40-ish FPS. The rest of the game is just as slow, and especially slows down during any fights)

I had to reinstall my OS 6 months ago or so, and since then lost all my previous settings that had made the game run better. It used to run at 90% at a minimum, and would average 95-110% speed... I seem to remember being able to specifically increase the speed at which the game ran, manually increasing FPS or game speed %. However, it appears that with the newer versions that setting is eluding me.

I've browsed around this forum and others, trying out different settings and speedhacks, and haven't had any luck with a significant stable speedup. Here's my specs:

Operating System:
Windows (Service Pack 3)
CPU Type:
AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800
CPU Speed:
2.02 GHz
System Memory:
1022.48 MB
Video Card Model:
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
Video Card Driver:
Desktop Resolution:
Hard Disk Size:
298.09 GB

My computer isn't quite as fast as it needs to be to run FFX flawlessly, but I've had WAY better performance in the past than I am getting right now. Any suggestions?

Mainly, I want to know which setting I can alter to manually increase the speed of the game, because with framelimiting I could run at 90-110% speed, without the game speeding up too fast during simple scenes, instead of 40-70% on average and sometimes having the game speed up to a playable level. If I could figure out how to do this, I can just adjust the visual settings to my liking instead of reducing the quality of the graphics to make the game run at a mere 80%...

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Set the internal resolution to Native in the GS plugin settings.

Apply Speedhacks to help increase the FPS. Most should be ok or help this game. Maybe you could just turn the Preset option on, and move it to "Aggressive plus" or so.

These are the two big things for speed-ups.
I've had it set to Native for some time now, and the Presets only get the opening scene up to a solid 75%, and corresponding slow speeds during gameplay.

I'm unable to find many more settings to tweak!
PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What do the EE/GS% numbers in game window say when you get slowdowns?
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