Help with FFX - movie stuck
Hi guys, i need some help.
My FFX is getting stuck in one movie, the movie before the last fight against SIN.

I Need someone to pass trough the movie and save a state (or a memory card save, if possible).

Thank you all!

Memory Card with the save just before the fight anexed.

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Not my game version, sorry.

What's the pcsx2 console show when it hangs? did you try making/remaking a iso of the game or running it from the disc?
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Slot 1 - After the 3 battles against those "flowers" Tongue2
Slot 3 - Inside Sin

I make 2 saves because I didn't understand what you mean by "last fight against SIN"
You have 3 battles against it,then save and then one more battle.

I used:
pcsx2-r1504,GSdx-r1650,ZeroSPU2-r1851,LilyPad-r1853 and Gigaherz's CDVD

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Thanks for the replys!
With the save games of vsub is working nice Laugh thank you!

About the another question, i think it hang cause of some ISO problem, the console dont show errors, the movie just stuck, always in same place.

Ty all!

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