Help with FFXll please!!!
The game freezees at the beginning the intro of the air ship, but not the intro movie but before the Start options thingui, with the RSVN it works but only in tlb mode not VM but hangs randomly while on the field, with the other playground version base it works but now hangs before going to the start/options menu. PLEASE HELP THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS, I only checked multi trhead options.

my specs are the following:
Vista 64
Ati radeon 4870
q 6600 3.2 ghz
8 gb ram.

If you can tell me what is the best configuration for FFXll.... Thanks a lot in advance!!.

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Well it would help if you would also tell which videoplugn you are using. Try running the game with latest GDSX (SSSE3 version) and set it to run in DirectX10 hardware.
Hey I'm on windows 7 too, need some advice. I'm trying to get FF12 running smoothly, I have a 2.4 quad core with Gforce 8800GTX. I'm running the latest Playground with GSDX 883 SSSE03 graphics plugin, peops SPU2 sound plugin but my FF12 still runs with low fps ~ 20fps during the actual game. The intro fmv runs perfect and screens with only text it shoots to 200fps. I'm wondering if you got any suggestions for me??

Also anyone managed to get ps3 controller drivers working on windows 7?
I'm running the latest Playground with GSDX 883 SSSE03 graphics plugin
Latest revision is 895.
Quote:I have a 2.4 quad core with Gforce 8800GTX.
To run FF12 smoothely you need 3,2Ghz spped.
I dont think that the specs of your computer matter anymore. Its the plugins and how PCSX2 is compatible with each game. I can get FF12 runing at good frame rate. The movies play most of the time, and I only have a few issues where the sound is not in sync. Though the game crashes ALOT and I can only guess this is due to compatibility. I'm waiting for a patch or a new version of PCSX2.
damuncha - try the latest PlayGround beta. Played it a lot, not a single crash
get the public beta, run it on vu-skip and gdsx. Works very well with occasional graphic distortions (atleast worked with me alot better than playground)

I use personally GDSX latest SSSE3, in settings dualcore and mtgs and vuskip. for ISO linuzappz and for sound pete's plugin. no speedhacks, 99% of the time it's full 60 fps.
Where can I get the Beta?
Yas - playground had some issues with FFXII (missing text unless DaZ is disabled, random crashes), but all that is fixed in the latest PG beta (found in a topic in the Playground forum - On the otherhand, I think the 0.9.5 beta had SPS issues in some locations that are fixed in playground.

Just get the latest beta, enable MTGS (in Cpu options) and all checkboxes (Denormals are Zero, Flush to Zero) in advanced options (for speed).
Where can I get the 0.95 Beta?

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