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Help with Final Fantasy XII
pcsx2 doesn't have to, it uses what the Pc does, afaik

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You can force any application to split-frame render through nVidia's control panel.

Anyways I'm not OP and this is getting off track. :x
GeForce 7350 LE is very slow for PCSX2, even with 0.9.5 and speed hack you probably won't get much better frame rates. I don't have quad core, but I think your processor is fine, you can look at the percentage of CPU usage from task manager and see. Looking at the compiler option the code is compile for multi-thread which means 4 cores should help ( at least with the background processes don't see). I am guessing on this part becuase I haven't look at it in depth.
GSDx seems to use multicore already so.
PS: Your PC looks like a HP Pavilion

This is a interesting chart, give you some idea of processing power differences on the graphic cards:
CPU: Intel E4500 2.2GHz, 3G Ram, 8600GT.

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