Help with God of War 1 audio.
First off, just wanted to say that the devs have done an amazing job with GOW. It's running great on my rig at fully playable speeds. However, has anyone else had issues with audio in the game (I've got a Creative Labs X-Fi XtremeGamer)? If I use ZeroSPU2 .4.6 or SPU2-X 1.0, the sound effects and music play, but the audio is very distorted and crackles. Using the P.E.Op.S SPU2 1.9.0 plugin, the audio is CRYSTAL CLEAR but the music doesn't play correctly. Only 1-3 seconds of music plays and then the music track restarts. I was curious if there is a fix for this... if not, the game is still fully playable with SPU2-X... good work guys!

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I have no problems and have never heard of your problem. Have you tried disabling speedhacks and setting it to limit the frames, not frameskip?

Also, are the settings for the plugins default? If not, make sure everything is default, then try again.
Ah thanks... adjusting the speedhack settings fixed the issue.
Whats version of PCSX2 and whats version of this game (EU/USA) you used?

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