Help with Klonoa 2
Hello everyone!! Not ce to meet you all. I'm new to PCSX, not my first time with an emulator, I used to play PS1 games on my older pc. 

I'm having a lot of trouble with running this game, i would like to know if my pc is simply not cutout fir it or if I just don't know how to configure it.

I tried looking at many options because i first had an error when choosing to use NTCS and was running on PAL,got a couple of patches and it finally runs on NTCS. Now my issue is audio,at first i managed to make it work,now it's unpredictable, it works or it's sped up or too slow/laggy. 

I first tried the latests version of the emulator,then read that the 1.5.0 version workef better. Changed to that,added cheats, and I'm still having tons of issues with graphics lagging/slow and wonky sound.

I did manage to run it first in the latest version  with smooth audio, slightly delayed sound but it was still slow.

I'll post images of my settings ,system and a video right below so my babbling makes sense lol

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Here's the Google drive folder with video and images
So, you're not ever really going to get Klonoa running perfectly pcsx2 currently isn't capable of that. that said your CPU's str is 1976 so not bad.

To get audio working, configure Audio plugin settings, change time-stretch to Async. Lower latency to the lowest setting. (This will also restore the missing audio tracks if you're lucky.) Other than that you haven't mentioned what graphics card your using though since I'm assuming this is a laptop I'm assuming it's not great.

Make sure the power settings of the laptop are set to full performance and that it's plugged in try SW mode and the audio settings I said above and go from there
weirdbeardgame you are looking at the wrong number
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Not good enough for most if not all 3D games
(03-28-2020, 09:27 PM)vsub Wrote: weirdbeardgame you are looking at the wrong number
Single Thread Rating: 1148

Not good enough for most if not all 3D games

Yeah not used to the new layout
Hi!! I put a link to all the settings and info up top.

But,so the laptop is just not cut up for running anything then?

At least i know if i have to keep breaking my head over it or not lol.

Time to start saving, honestly i want to get a new one but they're out of my budget, although i do have some on mind.
Better ask before deciding to by something
Emulators require cpu with high single threaded performance and cheap laptops don't offer much in that area
Yup time to save!.

I'll delete everything then,now i know it's possible tho for when i have a better one.

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