Help with PCSX2 0.9.6 ..... DirectX error
Ok, so recently I've downloaded PCSX2 0.9.6 and I've only tired running FFX on it when it came up with something like this:

Direct X needs to be updated
would you like to be brought to the website?

Anyways, This is pretty weird because I have directX 9.0C so it should work...

Thanks in advance for your help

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The name DirectX 9.0c is used for a long time on every month.
For example directx from August 2009 is named directx 9.0c and directx from February 2010 is also named directx 9.0c

Knowing that you have directx 9.0c doesn't mean that you have the newest one.
Just run this installer and it should be working. The plugins are using the newest aspects of DirectX, so it has to be up to date for them to run. But I think this doesn't hurt anyway^^.
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