Help with PCSX2 and other questions (ELI5)
So I've played my favorite gameboy games thanks to VBA, and even a little Wii thanks to Dolphin, which my friend set up for me because I'm basically computer illiterate (hence the following problem. I just downloaded PCSX2 and for the first time configuration, I'm lost. When it says select language, I'm pretty sure English is what I speak so I know enough to choose that. The second page is full of gibberish having to do with plugins but I can hit next so I do that... The third page is the problem. I'm told to select a BIOS rom (no idea what that means) and there's nothing to select from, I can browse and manually select something, but I wouldn't even know what I'm looking for. I just want to play Monster Rancher 3, is that too much to ask? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And speaking of Monster Rancher 3... if any of you have played it as a rom, how does it work? For those who don't know the game, on the actual PS2 you would insert discs to get 'monsters' that you would then raise and fight with and what not, so my question is how does the disc changing work or does anyone know any code to just get the full encyclopedia so there is no need for disc changing?

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No need to change plugin settings as they are usually OK on defaults. You should dump the BIOS from your PS2.
By the way, take a look at this too.
you need to dump the bios from your real PS2 console
see this :

disc swapping doesn't work currently with pcsx2
you'll have to use the pnach system to use cheats :
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