Help with PCSX2 and other questions (ELI5)
so i've played my preferred gameboy games thanks to vba, and even a little wii thanks to dolphin, which my pal installation for me due to the fact i am basically laptop illiterate (for this reason the following hassle. i simply downloaded pcsx2 and for the primary time configuration, i am lost. when it says pick out language, i am quite positive english is what i talk so i know sufficient to pick out that. the second one page is full of gibberish having to do with plugins however i will hit subsequent so i try this... the third web page is the problem. i am instructed to pick out a bios rom (no idea what which means) and there's nothing to pick out from, i'm able to browse and manually pick out some thing, but i would not even know what i'm looking for. i just need to play monster rancher 3, is that too much to invite? any help would be substantially liked.

and speakme of monster rancher three... if any of you've got performed it as a rom, how does it paintings? for folks who don't know the sport, at the actual ps2 you'll insert discs to get 'monsters' that you might then improve and combat with and what not, so my query is how does the disc changing work or does everyone recognise any code to just get the full encyclopedia so there's no want for disc changing?omegle xender

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