Help with PCSX2 with Wineskin - Games wont load
Hi all,

I'm reasonably new to all this PS2 emulator business so I'm hoping someone can help.

Its PCSX2-ce-mac-1.0 I've installed.
MacBook Pro
OSX 10.9.4
2.4 Core i5
16GB Ram

I've followed all the steps at

They all installed fine, apart from the Nvidia Cg Toolkit, but as that is classed as optional so I presume thats not whats causing the problem.

So, to the problem, PCSX loads fine, I get all the correct things showing (I think anyway), the log looks like this -
[Image: PL1.jpg]

I've tried loading two different ISO's (ratchet & Clank and GTA SA) but neither get very far.

It brings up a black screen for about 1 second then the PCSX closes completely.

I managed to get a screen shot of the log and it looked like this (I've highlighted the bit which looks like it could be the problem) - [Image: PL2.jpg]

Any help would be extremely welcome.

Cheers guys,


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What you highlighted is not the problem. That's a normal message.

Since you are using GSdx, did you change Wineskin to use the native mac driver instead of X11? I don't know if you have to do that manually or not, but check and see.
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