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Help with PS2 ISO Creation!
I have been trying to edit the game Manhunt for PS2, It is a mod that makes the game a lot harder, while replacing some textures. I originally made this mod for the PC version of the game, but sadly, due to incompatibilities with Windows 10, the mod no longer works. I worked on a few files at first, I repackaged it all, and loaded the new ISO into pcxs2, but the Startup Playstation 2 logo turned into a white rectangle, and a black screen followed. After some digging, I found out that just unpacking and repacking the unedited ISO without changing anything still caused this glitch. I have been looking all over the web for a program to let me edit ISO files, or rebuild them into playable ones.

Programs I have used, but failed to work:

ISO editors:
Apache 1
Apache 2
Apache 3
LCISO Creator

ISO Creators/Burning Programs:
Alcohol 120%
CD-Gen PS2

I have been on this for 2 days, no luck. I know how to edit all the files within the ISO, I have all the puzzle pieces, but there's no way I can build the ISO without it being unplayable. I'm on here to see if anyone has suggestions on what to do with these programs if I missed something, or tell me about another program that can help my situation. I'm mostly creating this mod for use with swap magic. And if it doesn't run on pcxs2, it ain't running on my PS2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Once the mod is completed, I'll post it on the forum!

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