Help with RAW to PNACH converting.
Trying to make a PNACH for codes for Tales of the Abyss, but some codes end up getting a TLB Error when I run the game.

Codes from:

I managed to convert the simple Max Gald for a test from,

Max Gald
206D2C10 0098967F



Which worked, but I don't know how to make some other more "Complex" ones work.
For Example: what would I do to this one to make it work?

Battle BGM Modifier
DO64B8AC 00005355
206AD4FC 2404005C

If someone could explain I would probably understand how to do the rest of them on my own, Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Err nevermind, just noticed myself that the First line that code is useless in PCSX2. (Guess I asked for help too soon huh?)

[Code would become: patch=1,EE,006AD4FC,word,2404005C by the way]

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Give this a try and see if it works

// Max Gold

// Battle BGM Modifier
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Your Max Gald also worked but the Battle BGM did not.

Don't worry about it though as I just edited first page saying I figured out why.

Thanks anyway.

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