Help with Radiata Stories
Hello i was wondering if i could get help for the best settings for Radiata Stories it runs well until i get to larger areas then it starts to go slow.
these are the specs on my laptop: Inspiron 15-3567
                                                     Processor:Intel® Core™i3-7130U Cpu @ 2.70GHz 2.70 GHz
                                                     System type:64-bit operating x64 based processor

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It's hard to give you any advice because it's hard to tell where your bottleneck is.
Honestly both your CPU and GPU are pretty terrible. You have an under-powered CPU and iGPUs are pretty much junk across the board for ps2 emulation.

Turn on MTVU, use D3D11, play at native res, don't play with anything else open.
If none of those things help then your options start to go into to "things that are probably going to break stuff" territory.
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