Help with SMT Nocturne - Maniax Cheats
Game: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - Maniax Chronicle Edition (English Patch)
CRC - DC05EC31 (Though the Emu loads 00000000 on start-up)

Issue: Though I've gotten some cheats to work in-game, namely the EXP Multiplier and Money Multiplier Cheats found here (, none of the other cheats I want to use seem to work. The cheats in the link are already in RAW format, so they don't need converting; and it isn't an issue of PAL/JAP/US region differences, so I'm wondering if anyone in the forum can help a brother out.

The cheats I'm trying to get to work are:

1) -=Total Accumulated Exp Mod=- (Any of these, I'm just posting the first one to keep the thread short)

Reserve Monster 1 Exp mod
21249314 xxxxxxxx

(With this one, I've tried using Cheat Engine to convert the #s I want into Hex, but no matter what I try nothing seems to happen in game)

2) Monster 1-12 Exp Gain 1000exp after battle
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 01249314
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 01249400
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 012494EC
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 012495D8
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 012496C4
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 012497B0
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 0124989C
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 01249988
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 01249A74
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 01249B60
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 01249C4C
D058F2C8 00000000
303003E8 01249D38

(The author of the cheats in the link put "Fixing" for this cheat underneath the title, so I'm assuming even they couldn't get it work; but I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten it or something similar to work?_

The same issues happen when I try using the pnach file found in this thread, as well:[/color]

I really just want a cheat that lets my demons gain increased EXP, and not the Demi-Fiend.

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may i see your pnach file? thx
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