Help with Silent Hill 3 and Okage: Shadow King
I'm trying to run these games on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with a quad core processor, AMD Radeon HD 7640G ~1.9GHz. It has 6 GB RAM.
These are my settings: I have all speedhacks enabled except Enable fast CDVD. Renderer is Direct3D9, Interlacing is Auto, PS2 resolution is Native and texture filtering is on as well as Logarithmic Z and Alpha correction. Almost everything is the default settings as far as I know.

Silent Hill 3 works really well as far as I know and is a great speed, but the opening does not display and only the sound can be heard. I know this isn't game breaking but I'd really love for the opening to be visible if it's possible.

Okage: Shadow King runs terribly slow. I know my laptop isn't the most powerful but I know there must be someway to speed it up...I'm usually able to get Dark Cloud to run near top speed most of the time with EE cycle rate and VU cycle stealing at their highest levels (which, thankfully, don't hurt the game too much) but Okage only runs at about 20-30 FPS even with both of those speed hacks at their highest level. Switching hardware and software rendering doesn't seem to help very much, at least not during gameplay. There must be a way to speed it up. Any ideas?

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Sounds like your running off your disc, Get image burn and make an iso of your disc, and play off the iso, it`s faster than disc Smile
Vu cycle stealing can somethimes make thing worse so use with cation, and remember it will give fake fps. In gamefixes use the "switch to gsdx software for FMV" This will help with Silent hill, but you might have to use software render to play also, So in Gsdx pluggin config set renders to 3or4
Msi GF-62VR
Intel  core i7 7700hq @2.8(3.5ghz turbo) Nvidia 6gig GTX1060 16 gigs DDr5   windows 10
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Nope it's an iso. :{ As for the gamefix I'm not sure what you're talking about. >.< Manually switching to software mode the cinematic is visible now but now I'm dealing with an awful flickering, not to mention it's pretty slow, but it's a great start! Tongue If there's a fix for the flickering please let me know, as well as a way to speed it up. Thank you for the response! Smile

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