Help with Soulcalibur 3 configuration

I need help with configuring Soulcalibur 3 with the GSdx graphics plugin.

I am using GSdx 891, with a C2D T5600 1.86Ghz, 3Gb ram, and ATi Mobility Radeon X1400.

The intro showing Namco's logo and stuff works, but after reaching the Soulcalibur 3 splash screen and pressing start, the menus run at <1fps. Is there some way to configure pcsx2 so that that doesn't happen? With ZeroGS there is no problem, menus run at 15+ fps and is decently smooth, but I heard ZeroGS wasn't being updated anymore and that GSdx is the most updated plugin.

Thanks for any help.

I'm using svn rev658, the beta posted in the forum.

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Hi szh Smile

Soul Calibur 3 is still one the games that are not yet emulated correctly, it has a lot of graphical glitches ingame, and runs slowly whatever the rig.

In addition, in order to play correctly, your CPU frequency is very low which is a bottleneck for this game, and for many others. I guess it's a portable you have isn't it ?

For your rig, i can only recommend you to try playing with native resolution in gdsx configuration. Try EE/IOP X2 speed hacks in advanced options, and check Denormals are Zero to see if you have a small improvement but don't expect any miracles it won't be very playable. It seems that ZeroGS makes it run better than GSdx, i'm also waiting for a GSdx update or a new PP beta to make it playable. I hope i will be able to play it soon, so wait and see Wink
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Yeah, I'm playing on a laptop. I just thought it would be some kind of GSdx problem since the menus run at <1fps, whereas it runs at "expected" speed in ZeroGS.

Yeah, I'm not expecting this to hit 60fps on my rig anytime soon, lol.

Thanks for your help.
i have a pants laptop... very low spec for this type of thing : -

pentium dual core t2330 1.60ghz
2gb ram

i can get good speeds but i get artifacts here and there..... thats the price you pay...... i might try soul calibur 3 for a bit of a laugh..... i didn't think i could get this emu working at all to be honest but i am enjoying some good titles at good speeds/graphics etc.

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