Help with Transformers PS2
Hey guys, so there are a couple problems with the game Transformers (PS2), aka this game:
I am aware that the lag in the game is normal for the emulator, however I am not sure the graphics should look quite like this. This is the second level of the game, and all of the sudden the graphics are so screwed up that i thought for a second that my PC itself was malfunctioning! So, is there a way to fix this glitch? 

Also, the audio sounds really weird when it comes to trying to shoot or when explosions happen. It sounds like the sound effects are blowing the mic or something, even though they should just be regular audio files. Any ideas as to what to do with this?

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3D anaglyph effect it's on the wiki.
Config > Video (GS) > Turn on HW hacks checkbox. > HW hacks > Skipdraw range 1 to 1.

For other issues it would help which PCSX2 version and your specs.

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