Help with Valkyrie profile 2:Silmeria
Hello!. I have this configuration for the Valkyrie profile 2: Silmeria but it run reealy slow. I saw this configuration in a youtube vid:

big image, clic to see it

PC Settings:
Video card: ATI Radeon 3400 Series 512 Drr2
Ram:2Gb Drr3
Processor: Intel i3 3ghz.

If you can help me I will be happy XD lol.

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First of, update your pcsx version and plugins. This might give you quite a speed boost.
Second experiment with speedhacks.
Third your graphic card isnt good so it might not be able to handle the game make sure to keep it on native.
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Also, keep in mind this game is actually pretty heavy Sad Even doing what GamerGeek told you to do it might not be enought to get good speeds Sad
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Yea, I'm sure it's the vga card that cripples your FPS.
Yeah, I've read this to be one of the HARDEST games to emulate. So much, that I haven't even bothered with it yet... Maybe I should try.
Really thanks to everyone i just changed the graphic internal res to native and it runs on 120%! >.<!! Thanks =D I'm really happy! A few weeks ago i played the ps1 game it is just amazing! =D. Really thanks to everyone =)
You might want to check the wiki since you just started playing it, that way you know the bugs straight ahead.

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when i'm facing the boss, im stuck before the battle phase comes
well, may help you.
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(05-20-2010, 02:18 PM)jesalvein Wrote: well, may help you.

I think he means the emu freezes or crashes? HuhHuh
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