Help with Windows Bootcamp Issue
So I recently tried to install Pcsx2 on my Macbook Pro that I bought earlier this year on the Windows Bootcamp partition. The installation was a little strange as I think something failed to install but it didnt affect the Pcsx2 installation. I tried to configure it but first I get a pop up telling me that a library is outdated and it takes me to a microsoft website to fix it, but the download is always marked as a trojan so idk, probably my antivirus misreading it. The real problem is that it keeps saying that the video driver or something isnt compatible. So whats a fix around this. Sorry if this sounds vague, im trying to remember how it went, it was earlier this month. Thanks

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Hmm i think it means you need to have directX updated to tge latest drivers...not sure though.
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Hi, DISABLE and then uninstall your sh!t anti-virus and try again. You may need to run the Directx9 web installer as administrator, see my recent post .

Try a good free anti-virus program!

You don't need to worry about getting a virus when downloading form Microsoft!!! (I hope...)

If you don't use Windows to browse and download from the internet, and you don't put in disks/USB sticks from your mates you don't even really need an antivirus.

I just use the Mac OS to surf the net and Windows only for games. In Windows, I normally have Avast antivirus turned off and only run it occasionally for a quick check but I know exactly what goes into that Windows install. Never had any trouble in years.

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