Help with bluetooth controller
Hi, I just got a bluetooth controller but the emulator does not recognize it. I appears "paired", but I cant find it in the gamepad options. When I try and configure the mouse API it recognizes 2 buttons. Can someone help me configure it please.

My laptop has windows 8.1. Thanks in advance.

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Please post a screenshot of your lilypad settings.
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I updated to 1.3.1. version and still does not detect it. The logitech controller that appears in the screenshot is of an old usb controller that works perfectly. The one im trying to use is an ipega bluetooth controller.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd like to ask if you followed or can follow this small guide really quickly.
Thanks! With the guide I got it to get recognized in the gamepad settings in the emulator(the drivers had to be updated for it to be recognized, by right-click on mypc and bluetooth settings and update), but I cant assign any buttons. Even Thought its in the options, no buttons can be set.
Got it working! It was an issue with the gamepad mode. Thanks allot for the guide you provided Smile
That's really good. I'm glad that everything is working for you now; Enjoy PCSX2! =)

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