Help with console work? Thanks.
Hey well I got a slight problem here, I finally got my game disc .iso now but the new problem is that when I start the emulator and then do the File/Run cd,dvd, It doesnt work. Instead, it just pops the game window automaticly and doesn't let me choose what .iso folder game to play with. Making me unable to proceed any further. Help please!

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What game? What is your PCSX2 settings? how did you configure the cdvd plugin specifically.

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What drive is your iso mounted to? You should try checking your CD/dvd plugin settings to make sure you have the correct drive.
If you want it to pop up a browse to look for your iso, the correct option is not File-Run CD/DVD. Instead, click the one below that one:
Run ISO Image.. I believe that is what you were looking for.
Hikariskies: The run iso command is only in the latest betas (rev 1888 currently). If you want to run an ISO in 0.9.6 (which is what I assume you're currently using)then you have to configure the ISO CDVD plugin. Check the configuration guide post in the forum.

You should never use an external program to mount the ISO for PCSX2 as it can often cause problems.
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Fixed, thanks for advice guys, :D But its slow. X3
Post your specs then...
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