Help with enabling cheats
Hi everyone.
I´ve been using this ps2 emulator for a couple of games and now i´m playing Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga SLES 53458.I want to use cheats but it doesnt work. I´ve created the .pnach file with "omniconverter" an "pcsx2ce", using codes for the PAL version, and named the file "1683A6BE.pnach" (CRC is 0x1683A6BE).
Aparently, i´m doing everything OK, but the cheats don´t work.

Any sugestion?Thank you

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post codes and if you have names good Smile Otherwise tell us what they do. I don't mind converting.
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The problem was that i was putting the .pnach in the "cheats" folder of the main directory.
It started working when changed the file to the "cheats" folder of the "documents-->pcsx2".
Thank you for your answer.

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