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Hi i have downloaded final fantasy x-2 (i have the game but it's locked up with my ps2 and i'm bored of searching 4 it) so i play the game and everything's ok except from the language! The game is in German and i can't change that. Any help would be appreciated, i have searched on my own but i couldn't understand how to fix this!

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Sorry, because you downloaded the game instead of using your own we can offer you no support as by the rules you agreed to when you registered and posted here.
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whats wrong in downloading a game if you own legal rights to use it, because you boght it before? What if my old game breake and i dont have any copy? Isint this "anti piracy" on this forum bit extreme? It lacks common sense... Sorry but OP isint a pirate... Especialy when in most civilised countries law predicts situations like this and says its perfectly legal. ( the only reason im not offering support to op is because im scared of ban )
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
You don't like it, don't agree to the forum rules and don't join. We've been over this here before.
As Koji said, this violates rule #1 of this forum, so no further support will be given to you.
Thread closed and warning issued.
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