Help with getting a game running?
So long story short, I'm broke and want to use the program to play Persona 4, although I am very inexperienced with emulating and don't know how to use computers on my own much. After installing the program and other things I needed, the furthest I can get into the game is a ps2 configuration screen that just has 2 options, "Browser" and "System Configuration" but only when I go into CDVD and select either plugin or no disc, when I select iso there it instead shows a ps2 screen asking me to insert a disc. How can I continue to playing the game?

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To make sure you're doing everything correctly, once you launch pcsx2, click CDVD at the top & choose ISO Selector > Browse, then browser to the ISO you created for the game. Also, under CDVD, below ISO Selector, make sure ISO is selected. Then, go to System and just choose fast boot. That should launch the game. If it still takes you to the PS2 BIOS, then it's having a problem reading the ISO & it probably wasn't ripped correctly.

You can also just try running it from the game disc itself
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