Help with offline Direct X Update for 0.9.8
Hiya, I'm kinda stuck on this problem on the version 0.9.8 , I can,t use the GSDX and Sound Plugins included in the package, right now, temporarily
I'm using the GSDX and Sound plugins that came with 0.9.7 R378 version in 0.9.8

until the problem is solved, it seems that the Direct X March 2009

redistributable libraries that I've installed
along with version 0.9.7 R378 are not working on this version, can someone show

me the links on where can I get the latest direct X that complies
with the requirements of these plugin versions ? I am installing PCSX2 offline

and my very own PC does'nt have internet connectivity so I can't fetch the

direct X updates automatically during installation, I can't see the full

potential of this version until I see those plugins at work. Any help would be

appreciated , Thanks in advance

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That should do it.
[Image: 2748844.png]

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