Help with pcsx 2 0.9.6
hi i am new to all of this but have been wanting to play ff x for a while and i have the game disk that i bought off ebay. im pretty sure i got the bios working but not 100% sure. the main thing is i can't play the game and i dont know why, could someone help me. i if someone could help me in think the best way is to do a instant chat. i have a gmail and a msn account
thanks in advance

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For starters tell us what are your PC specs and try following the configuration guide, if you still have problems tell us what exactly is the problem you get when trying to run the game.
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To tell the truth I have no idea I'm not that much of a techy person. What happens is when I press file then run cd/DVD it does something then a message comes up that says Failed creating mastering voice: 0X12f6C0 and on the command prompt like window it says rom2 not found and erom not found. Also above that under features it says not detected ssse3 and not detected sse4.1
thanks in advance
post ur screen shot...
possible bad DVD
[Image: 871087.png]

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