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Help with persona 3 GsDx10 emulator 9.7 r3113
Can someone please help me, I am using Pcx2 9.7 r3113 playing persona 3 and I have 3GB ram 120 GB memory, intel pentium Daul Core and every time I use Gsdx D3D10 hardware. It gives me an error and tells me it has recovered. But I have no picture and I can only here the sound. I tried using Gsdx D3D9 but it really lags when they talk or in battle. I can hear the game in Gsdx D3D10 and they speak without slow or studdering so i really want to use that, but i can't see the video. I think I have a good configuration other than that but the crash is the only problem. Please someone reply ASAP.

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(06-08-2010, 06:15 AM)Jadness Wrote: Hey I am using rev 1888 and i get laggs when im around other characters talking in event parts or in battle. I estimate it goes around 25 to 45 in these parts. I am using vista and have 3 GB ram with 120 memory. Oh yeah its persona 3. I am in nedd of help really bad, so please reply. I need to configure better but dont know what would be the best configuration. I tried a lot but to no avail. Please reply quickly.

You didn't list your processor (pentium dual core is NOT enough) or graphics card which are the only things that matter for speed so no one can help you. Also mention which Windows you use
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where do i find this out please sorry if i sound noobish
For processor info, download and run CPU-Z:
For graphics card info, download and run GPU-Z:

Then take a screenshot of these programs running and post them here. You don't even know which Windows you are using?
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Ok so i downloaded and istalled both what should i look for, that would help you. BTW thanks for the help.
While they are both running hit the print screen key, it is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. Right click on your desktop and click new > bitmap image. Right click the bitmap and click edit. While in paint hit the "Ctrl" key and the "V" key at the same time to paste the image. Save the file and upload it as an attachment in your post.
Its telling me that the pic is too big cause its 2 megabytes when the max is 500 kilobytes.
On your PC open the image in Paint, go to File->Save As and on Save as Type select JPEG. Then upload the new .jpg file you made here.
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ok sorry it took so long

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OK both your CPU and especially your GPU are VERY weak for PCSX2. You will not be able to run most games at full speed. For Persona 3, try going to GSdx, set it to DX9 hardware and check the 'native' box.
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